1.  Recruitment

“Outsourced Recruitment services in Australia are hugely overpriced in the main.  The founders of the recruitment industry in Australia – and their successors – did themselves a huge favour by setting the pricing so high, for a service provided so mundanely… Wilbart was created to redress that imbalance…” 

Paul Wilson – Director, Wilbart Associates Pty Ltd, January 2010.


We are a generalist recruiter, equally adept at senior Management roles, middle management or junior administration roles.  We cover all roles that can be found in a typical organisation.

Lower fees – Lesson #1

You should not generally be paying a recruiter more than $4,000 to fill a role that pays less than $100,000 package.  If you are, you’re probably paying too much.

Enquire about our ‘CATS’ service for roles under $100,000 package.


Lower fees – Lesson #2

When engaging an external recruiter to fill a role that is in the six figure range, is it really worth paying huge fees of 15% or even more?

Enquire now about how Wilbart Associates can get the right person for senior appointments – at a fair and reasonable fee.


2.  Organisational Development, Culture & Values Alignment

We are at the vanguard of cutting edge psychometrics and assessments, and we are eminently qualified to match the right profiling for your team and circumstances.

Wilbart can help you assess the Culture of the business – how close is your team aligned to the culture?   We can help you find out, and provide remedies.

We have profiled and developed live development plans with literally hundreds of Client employees.

Enquire about our “Developing Key People’ process


3.  Mentoring and Coaching

Our team have an average of 20 plus years HR and operational/commercial experience; there are not many issues or tasks we have not been faced with previously.  We can take your team – individually or collectively – where they need to go.


4.  Probity and Corporate Investigations

  • Security Reviews and Risk Management Audits relating to persons, locations and organisations from a commercial and government agency perspective.
  • Probity investigations completed on individuals or organisations to establish risk factors and bona fides’
  • Profiling and probity inquiries undertaken on potential employees or business partners
  • Investigation of matters from a criminal or civil perspective including discrimination, bullying and victimisation under both state and federal anti-discrimination legislation
  • Corporate counselling on professional conduct and the law


5.  Employee Health, Fitness, Nutrition & Wellbeing

Enquire about our employee wellbeing, health, fitness & nutrition programs, run for individuals and groups alike.