Jobseekers – do your homework on prospective employers!

How many times have we heard the comment “I should have completed more research on the company I just joined – it’s not what I expected at all”.

It is critical as a searching candidate looking for your new career opportunity to do your research on companies you are thinking of joining. Too many times candidates jump in head first, without the cautionary duty to check out the company and its prospects for growth, not only for your career but in commercial terms. Is the company profitable? Does it have suitable career growth prospects in order to fulfill my ambitions?

Most importantly, find out about the culture of the business. Is it a great place to work (you should talk to as many employees throughout the interview process as possible to gain valuable insight)? Does it suit your “style”?

If you are a hard working individual who also likes a social, fun workplace yet through the interview process you notice a staid, serious culture, then for goodness sake, don’t go further. It will only end up in tears!

Do your homework! With today’s technology of web search, LinkedIn, etc., there are a myriad of ways to check out a prospective employer.

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  1. Sabine says:

    I couldn’t agree more.

    There is nothing worse than thinking you have landed the job of your dreams and then walking on egg shells everyday because you cannot read the people you work with.

    It is just as important to be ready for the company as it is for the interview (well at least that is what I have learnt within my working history).

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